What is Iridology – Part 2 (Constitutions)

What is Iridology Part 2 – “Analyzing Your Constitution” (By Rhea Baluyut, C.IR.)

It’s important to keep in mind that a “strong” vs. “weak” constitution is not equivalent to the difference between “good” or “bad”. It simply provides insight on how the body endures stressors that one is exposed to, whether it is physical, nutritional, environmental or emotional.

eyeConstitutions are inherent and remain the same throughout someone’s lifetime. Gaining insight of our constitution enables us to better understand what we can do to support the body and our wellbeing. Regardless of constitution, the goal is the same for both types: to build and maintain a strong immunity and minimize negative impacts to our body from exposures to stress.

Strong Constitution appearance

brown eyeTight fibres with very little to no fibre splits within the biliary zone, beyond the exterior lining of the collarette.


  • Strong immunity
  • Strong ability to assimilate nutrients very well from foods digested
  • Less sensitive to what is happening to body. Ensures stress, but has challenges balancing well. Tendency to abuse body
  • Benefits from regular cleanses
  • Endures a lot, but does not handle stress well
  • Healing from chronic to sub-acute to chronic usually takes 1 year of healing. Weaker constitutions is less than a year healing
  • Tendency to love longer

Medium-weak constitution appearance

blue eyeEvident and/or loose fibres and splits within the ciliary zone, beyond the exterior lining of the collarette.



  • Weaker immunity
  • Inability to assimilate what is happening to the body
  • Takes on a lot, but tires quickly
  • Benefits from building minerals vs. cleanses
  • Emotional, passionate, Charismatic
  • Healing from chronic to acute / sub-acute usually takes 3-10 years
  • Tendency to not live as long at strong constitution
  • Immunity on the weaker end
  • Difficulty assimilating nutrients from foods digested










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