Wellness Fairs

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Wellness Fairs are high impact, high-energy events hosted at your worksite.  They are interactive health expos that enable your staff to meet, interview and learn from 10 – 20 health experts in a short period of time. Through demonstrations and discussions our experts will introduce your staff to new wellness practices and expand their current knowledge.

For each event we pull from our own team of experts and then add several from your community, making it easy for your staff to follow up if they want to learn more. We have methods to ensure employees visit all the different experts. This not only enhances their education and experience, it negates any stigma there may be about learning a particular topic.

Wellness Fairs create a lot of energy and enthusiasm in the workplace. This will lead to better health practices, especially if they are made easily available to the staff. This generates increased productivity and loyalty, and decreased absenteeism.

Wellness Fairs take place at your worksite and are organized completely by the Working Well staff. They range from 1 – 4 hours and can serve companies with less than 100 employees or more than 500.

We hire and prepare all of the experts with your company vision in mind. Through questionnaires we determine the needs and interests of your staff and choose our experts based on that. We also add experts that your staff may not have asked for, since its hard for people to request things they don’t know exist. We provide booth space for your company so you can promote your in-house efforts that support employee well-being.

Additional Services Available at Wellness Fairs:

  • Seated chair massage
  • Educational talks and seminars
  • Blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and bone density screenings

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