Our comprehensive program uses a combination of high-impact, high-energy Wellness Fairs, motivational, interactive Lunch and Learns, and on-going, in-house Fitness Programs.  We have found that it’s the combination of these programs that creates the optimal environment for workplace wellness.

Lunch and Learns – These are great offerings between Wellness Fairs. With more time and focus on one subject employees deepen their understanding and commitment to healthy living. These seminars give them the tools to apply immediately.

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Wellness Fairs – Big Events lead to big decisions. Employees learn, get excited and decide to take action to improve their health. They feel motivated and have enough information to inspire action. It’s important to follow up these events, or enthusiasm wanes before action is taken.

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Your company can choose to engage in all of the above or any assortment that would best suit your needs and budget.  Working Well conducts comprehensive questionnaires to determine and prioritize the needs and desires of your staff. Whether you have fewer than 100 employees or more than 500, we work within your budget and resources to create the best program for your company.