Lunch & Learns

Lunch and Learns are highly interactive hour-long seminars that educate and introduce your employees to the latest research, resources and techniques on a variety of topics in the fields of healthy eating and nutrition, active living and fitness, balanced living and healthy lifestyles and mental health. Presenters use a variety of techniques and tools to engage all learning styles.

Each Lunch and Learn has between 3 and 5 learning objectives that provide your employees with the tools to implement healthy changes immediately. Each session provides a one-page summary of the learning points so staff can interact during the seminar and have the reminder when they want to apply the lessons later.

Regularly scheduled Lunch and Learns increase staff morale, commitment and productivity. They are affordable ways to provide a healthy workplace culture. Employees report implementing healthy changes immediately based on what they learned, feeling better about the company that invests in their health and looking forward to the next event.

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