Meditation for Non-Meditators

medMany of us living in urban centres long for a simpler time. Surrounded the the chaos of the city, the hum of technology and the constant stimuli of billboards, racing cars and crowds of people, finding our way back to ourselves seems tough.

I offer you these words by Deepak Chopra (February 20, 2012).

The Mind-Body Connection 

“Only a few decades ago, medical students were taught to view the body as a machine whose parts would inevitably break down until it could no longer be repaired. Today science is arriving at a radically different understanding: While the body appears to be material, it is really a field of energy and intelligence that is inextricably connected to the mind. All of the thoughts, perceptions, memories, emotions, and feelings in our mind influence every cell of our body. When we have a loving thought or focus on a happy memory or feeling, our brain triggers a cascade of molecules that promote wellbeing in our physiology. On the other hand, when we hold onto emotions such as anger, fear, and doubt, this creates stress and damage in the body.

Through meditation, we can reverse the effects of accumulated stress and toxicity.  Meditation takes us into inner silence, allowing the body to restore balance and repair itself.”


Every participant will successfully meditate.


WorkingWell offers a 6-part series for the corporate audience. Participants are given a step-by-step approach for building a successful meditation practice. Each class builds on the one before. Students examine their own beliefs and perceptions about meditation and learn that the practice can take many forms.

Our program introduces employees to three vastly different meditation techniques, which allows them to find which avenue is most comfortable and accessible to them.

WorkingWell’s Learn to Meditate  program has been designed be memorable and to deliver a visceral experience.

The program is delivered either two-times per week for 3 weeks, or once per week for 6 weeks. Each class is 45 minutes.


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Do the impossible. Learn to meditate


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