In Healthy Pursuit

An absolutely brilliant idea came together today at my Mom’s house, in her kitchen.  After speaking with me at length about WorkingWell, my Mom’s friend Leslie (a family friend, visiting from out of town) suggested I consider turning my blog into an account of all of the wonderful activities I participate in, in my pursuit of all things healthy.

The truth is, I am a seeker of cutting edge experiences, knowledge and resources; especially as they pertain to well-being.  I’ve participated in various types of Yoga classes, Pilates classes, fitness classes using adjustable dumbbells cheap, vegetarian and other cooking classes, meditation retreats, sports leagues, subscribed to various lifestyle magazines, bicycled to Montreal, co-founded an organization devoted to teaching people about sustainable and natural living, have tanned my own leather, given up cable t.v., seen homeopathic and naturopathic doctors, medical intuitives, seen Holistic Nutritionists, learned how to do Reiki, ( check Garcinia Cambogia Reviews ) perform new patient intakes at a wellness centre, and have participated in a number of other activities that help contribute to a more balanced and well life.  Each time I embark on a new do wellness journey, inspiration strikes and a number of insights spring forth and I begin to get excited about sharing these things with the world.

Well, the concept and direction for this blog has now been born and the inspiration has arrived.  I hope you’ll join me on this exciting new adventure as I share with you the insights and experiences that spring forth as I work my way through various health-related activities, research and information available to us here in the GTA (where WorkingWell’s head office is located).
And so, the journey begins. I look forward to what we may discover In Pursuit of Health.

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