How to Sit (at work)

Many employees have jobs where sitting for long periods every day is simply unavoidable. Thankfully, there are some things they can do. For starters, employees want to make sure they are sitting properly at desks.

  • An employee’s seat should be adjusted so that they’re in the correct position – feet flat on the floor, with knees and elbows bent at 90 degree angles.
  • The hip to knee angle should be a wider than 90 degrees, recent studies have shown that 135 degrees is the ideal position.
  • The lower spine should rest flat against the back of your chair to maintain proper curvature.

The computer monitor should be positioned so that an employee doesn’t need to tilt their neck up or down in order to read the screen – with the top one-third of the monitor above eye level. This will decrease eye strain and prevent hunching forward and craning of the neck.

One thing that cannot be stressed enough is that everyone must get up from time to time! No amount of strenuous exercise can offset the harmful effects of long periods of sitting, unless one breaks-up those periods every so often. Simply getting up from one’s chair for a few minutes every hour will make a huge difference, so get employee’s to set an Outlook reminder to get up to organize their desk, stretch, march in place or just take a walk down to the water cooler. Every body needs this regular interruption from the office chair.

Lose Your Sugar Cravings

I told you that I can’t help but share great information with you that may not be workplace related (but will be wellness related). Please allow me this one indulgence as I share news about an amazing cookbook that is about to be launched.

The Naked Foods Cookbook (which can be preordered now) by Eat Naked author Margaret Floyd, and her husband Chef James (personal chef to the Stars…) is an incredible cookbook with 160 whole-foods, gluten-free, healthy recipes. I have tried some of the recipes Margaret and James featured in this cookbook and I have loved every one of them.

If you’re looking to make healthy dietary changes but have been at a loss for what recipes to try, look no further. This cookbook will soon become your family’s favourite!

We and friends from working on bringing their 14 Day Sugar Control Program into the workplace.


Pre-order your copy of The Naked Foods Cookbook and get lifetime access to the new online

version of our 14-Day Sugar Control Detox Program.

This program includes:

  • a full set of how-to videos 
  • detailed outline of the 14-Day Sugar Control Detox
  • sugar backgrounder
  • meal plans based 100% on recipes from the Naked Foods Cookbook
  • grocery lists
  • tips and tricks to make the most out of this detox
  • and so much more…!

100% of clients who’ve followed this program to a T have lost weight, improved their energy levels, and drastically reduced their sugar cravings.

This program is valued at $95, but with proof of purchase of your Naked Foods Cookbook preorder by May 3rd, 2012, it’s yours FREE!

Email your proof of purchase to (just forward the receipt from any of the online retailers below), and they’ll follow up with you within one business day with your personal access to this online program.

For more info on , please click the link.

Saving The World at Work

It’s a little known fact that I (Michelle) love to read, and it’s a well known fact that I adore sharing neat and interesting information with others. I feel like the Cliff Claven of wellness and business information. When I first tucked-in to the book Saving the World at Work I felt like I had come home. Tim Sanders shares with readers why companies who take great care of their employees, the communities they are situated in, and the environment, will prosper.

I have always felt that making a difference was the most powerful way to make a profit, and this book gives examples of companies who are wildly successful and who are on the leading edge of the Responsibility Revolution.

In a nutshell, Saving the World at Work is about waking companies up to Corporate Social Responsibility. “Today 65 percent of Americans are willing to swtich to a brand associated with a good cause if price and quality are relatively equal. And 66 percent particpate in at least one social cause-generated boycott each year (and with each passing year, the percentage grows).”

My wish for our clients is that every one of you reads this book. The marketplace and the workplace are changing and more than ever people’s values are guiding their purchasing and employement decisions. We love being on the cutting edge, and based on the companies we work with, we see that you strive for this too. Go out and grab a copy of this book – and remember to let us know what you think about it.

5 Foods To Avoid at Meetings

Employees love free food! In fact, many companies choose to provide meals and snacks at their on-site wellness events. We’re always surprised to find out what people think of as wellness foods such as Pure Garcinia Cambogia and more .

Here’s some great information about what not to have on the menu at your next healthy workplace event:


1. Refined sugar – At the turn of the last century we ate on average 5lbs of sugar in a year; in 2011 some of us ate up to 120lbs, and that’s being conservative. Sugar contributes to diabetes, obesity, and hypoglycaemia and should be avoided in its refined form. Keep the donuts, muffins and danishes off the list!

2. Hydrogenated vegetable oilFat is as essential to the body as water and oxygen but people have to be careful which fats they consume. Many of the vegetable oils have been ‘hydrogenated’ to make them last longer. Hydrogenation alters the oil and creates an unhealthy form of fat. Find out if your catering company uses products with these harmful oils. Opt to add in healthy oils on from nuts, seeds, avocado, organic dairy, raw or cold pressed oils

3. White flourWhole grains provide us with fiber, protein, vitamins, mineral and even a small amount of fat. When grains are refined their fiber is stripped away, so is the good fat and much of the protein, vitamins and minerals. We are left mostly with starch and very little nutrition. White flours negatively impact our blood sugar levels and lead to overeating. Choose whole grain flours when feeding the masses at work.

4. Soft drinks – Besides being a good toilet bowl cleaner I can’t think of one good property of soft drinks. If they aren’t high in sugar, they are full of artificial sweeteners, neither of which are good for us. The high phosphorus content can strip our bones of calcium. There is no nutritional value in a soft drink and they often contain questionable, possibly carcinogenic preservatives and additives.

5. Juice – By law, juices must be pasteurized in order for them to be shelf-stable. The pasteurization process eliminates all the live enzymes and health properties of the fruits and vegetables leaving us mostly with sugar and water. Choose instead to bring in, water with freshly squeezed lemon (or orange slices) to meetings and treat staff to freshly squeezed juice as a nice, healthy option along with trial Spartagen XT.

5 Initiatives that Support a Healthy Workplace Culture

Your corporate culture says a lot about your company. It shows the world who you are as an organization. It is present in employee interactions, customer and shareholder experiences, and is likely perceived by the community you work within. Creating a healthy corporate culture is something you can and should actively shape, so why not create something remarkable? Read more about what Mike Manis has to say.

5 initiatives that will steer you in the right direction:

1.    Get your CEO on-board.
Ask your CEO to support all of your wellness initiatives by communicating with staff about the importance of a healthy workplace culture. When employees see that the CEO is behind something so beneficial, they’ll be more likely to take it seriously and will jump at the chance to get involved.

2.    Encourage employees to use the stairs.
If you’re lucky enough to have multiple floors in your office, start a campaign asking employees to take the stairs. Those who have always taken the stairs will thank you. They will appreciate you encouraging others to take part in this free, beneficial activity, and they’ll love the company in the otherwise empty stairwell.

3.    Host an on-site Health Fair.
Health fairs come in all shapes and sizes and offer employees an opportunity to interact with a variety of health experts. Start small if this concept is new to your company.Use Pax 2 vaporizer in smoking areas. Schedule blood pressure and cholesterol screenings and let your employees sign-up at no charge. Staff will feel better getting personalized feedback about their state of health, along with tips and suggestions, and they’ll be less likely to be away from work to seek out the same check-ups.

4.    Offer healthy food at meetings.
Look for a healthy caterer, or ask your current vendor what healthy options they can provide. When you feed people nourishing food at work, amazingly they think more clearly, get more done, and make better decisions. They also see the effort you’re making and feel good about working for you.

5.    Identify the healthy policies you’ve already implemented and tell others about them!
If your office has policies in place that contribute to employee well-being, such as offering flex hours, or providing extended compassionate leave, make sure you communicate these programs as a part of your workplace wellness strategy. Putting your programs into the right context can help you achieve the maximum ROI.

Every action (or inaction) communicates something about your company. Take stock of all the things you do well as an organization that contribute to a healthy workplace culture. Take the time to communicate it proudly to staff, and ask employees for their partnership and input.

Creating a healthy workplace culture is worth every bit of time and every penny. It’s an incredible journey that will and you will yield tremendous rewards. Remember to come back to our blog share what you’ve been up to and how well it’s working for you!

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Eat Naked: Book Review

Book Cover: Eat Naked

If you ask my friends and family, they will tell you that I get a kick out of eating healthy foods that taste amazing. I’m not terribly interested in eating healthy foods that taste weird, or bland, or that smell funny. I love anything that has to do with eating simply and naturally. I’m a HUGE fan of creating meals that haven’t come from a box, or a can, and I love sitting down to enjoy a plate of tasty food with ingredients I can pronounce.

Quite often I am asked about this type of eating, and I sometimes don’t have the time to sit down to explain why eating this way is preferable. Lucky for me, and for what are sure to be millions of readers, a great new book has come along with Penomet water pump review, called Eat Naked – Unprocessed, Unpolluted, and Undressed Eating for a Healthier, Sexier You, by Margaret Floyd, a nutritional therapy practitioner, certified holistic health counselor, and a certified healing foods specialist.

In less than 200 pages, this information-packed book, explains if does beyond diet work and the ins-and-outs of healthy, clean eating. If you’ve ever had questions about why eating organic meat is best, what to think about dairy, where eggs fit into your diet, if fish is okay, how to choose produce, what fats to eat and avoid, what kitchen tools you must have to make life easier, and a few (40) simple new recipes you can use to get yourself eating better, this book is for you!

This Adonis Golden Ratio book has become my new go-to resource for inspiration and information. Don’t walk to get this book, run! It’s simply the best resource out there for eating well. If you do buy it, please tell us what you think. We’d love to hear your feedback on it.

A Funny Thing Happened On My Way Up A Mountain – Wellness on The West Coast Blog #4

Michelle & Guapo at Solstice Canyon

When I was hiking in the mountains close to Malibu, I felt overwhelmed at times by the inclines, but there was no way I was backing down. I mean I wasn’t climbing Everest or anything.

As is true for most times when I exercise, there comes a point in the journey where my mind and body get into a groove. Once the groove happens my brain clicks, and the next thing you know, I’ve switched into a motivational mode.  I begin to have realizations and new solutions to old problems.

On my hike I got in touch with how much I love being outdoors. I started remembering all of the trails I could get to within a 45 minute ride from my house. I invented all sorts of fun add-on activities I could plan, like picnics and fun snacks, etc. and I realized that if I did some or all of these things, my quality of life would be elevated. The element of exercising outdoors has been missing for me, so this set of insights really impacted me.

Aside from seeing all sorts of beautiful vistas, stopping to rest and meditate in a cave along the way and snap all sorts of pictures, the best thing I got out of my hikes in Southern California is how important moving is for our peace of mind. We arrive at amazing insights because our minds are distracted by the act of exercise.

Here is a message I received today from a friend, on this very topic.

She said, “Had a great spin this morning. Just wanted to share my ‘life-lesson’ with you. I got a hateful and hurtful email last night [from my ex-husband] but I purposely didn’t read it until I was ready to spin. The class was a good distraction. The instructor had us doing hills. I thought oh great.

The ‘a-ha moment’ came when the instructor said steep hills will always be a challenge; they will always be steep. They don’t get easier; you just get up them faster. They require the same amount of effort, but eventually not as much time. This was like a bolt of lightening hitting me and I realized that I’m so much faster these days at getting over the hurtful things my ex-husband says. I will always have to deal with the hill but my endurance and strength get me over the issues faster.”

You never know what you’ll get to the bottom of when you workout, but I know for certain, if you show-up and stick it out, you will be granted a gift that has the power to make your day. It may even change your life. For more info, please visit Masters Hammer and Chisel official site.

Awesome Rawsome – Wellness on The West Coast Post #3

My visit to Rawesome

After I walked the beach, dipped my toes in the sand and cruised along the shoreline to the Santa Monica Pier, I turned my focus to what would be my very first SoCal wellness adventure… a trip to Rawesome, a well known organic and raw food market in Venice California.

Being a foodie, approaching Rawesome made my adrenaline spike with excitement. I was curious about browsing the shelves of this interesting “private membership (food) club” after all I had read about it on

Because Rawesome is a members only club, in order to purchase goods, one must pay an annual membership fee and sign a release form to gain buying privileges. It is common for sellers of raw products, such as diary, to require people to sign a waiver because there are potential risks associated with eating some raw foods. In an upcoming blog I will be writing more about the topic of raw milk after a discussion I had with author of the soon to be released book Eat Naked, Margaret Floyd. This will be an interesting post and one not to be missed!

Meanwhile, inside Rawesome, I chatted briefly with the owner, James. He says he believes people should have access to unadulterated food free from chemicals, hormones, pasteurization and genetic modification if they choose. I agree, we should be able to choose. Then he tells me never in human history have we had such regulation over what we eat, and never in human history have we had such illness associated with the food we eat. He makes a good point and I can’t help but listen.

Inside Rawesome

I walk around the market and marvel at what is available. They have a cold room with all kinds of meats, another one for different types of milk (goat, cow, sheep and I’ve heard tale of camel’s milk!). There are veggies and fruits of all varieties and some exotic ones I’ve never heard of. There is a man giving samples of raw jungle peanut butter. Did you even know that “jungle peanuts” were a food? I sure didn’t. After tasting this nut butter, I just had to have some, and so I purchased a jar for myself.

My Rawesome experience was truly awesome. Thanks to this private member’s club that allowed me to join, I’ve had the most amazing nut butter experience of my life. The foodie in me is happy but I’m left wanting a market like this closer to home.

On my journey to discover wellness on the west coast, I think my first experience was a definite hit!

So, I’m curious…what have you heard about raw foods? What are some things that others should know about eating raw? What are your favourite raw delights? I’m so eager for you to share. Please take a moment to leave some thoughts for us here.

Stay tuned for more posts about Wellness on The West Coast.


Tips for Dodging Airplane Food & Jet Lag – Wellness on The West Coast Post #2

Pearson International Airport

Have you ever noticed how poor the quality of airport and airplane food is? Ya, me too. One of the things I do before going to the airport, is remind myself that the quality, taste and cost of the food at the airport and on the plane will likely disappoint me.  Instead of consuming it and then feeling bloated, tired and cranky, I do a few things to set myself up for success.





Here is what I’m doing on this trip to avoid airplane food and jet lag:

1. Eating a protein rich meal before leaving home:
Protein takes longer to digest than simple carbohydrates, like white flour and processed food products. This morning I made an egg sandwich at 5a.m. It was simple, easy to make and I was able to run out the door with it in hand so I could eat it in the limo. Three hours later and I’m feeling awesome and have no need for more food. Thank goodness because it’s expensive here and not very good. Learn more from

2. Drinking water:
Drinking water helps with jet lag, keeps your cells working swiftly and flushes out toxins. Last night before bed I filled my fabulous Nalgene bottle with filtered water from my Nikken Aqua Pour water system. I packed it into my carry-on and then this morning I drank as much as was appropriate for me before I made it to airport security. Once through security, I purchased a litre of water so I could keep hydrated on the flight.

3. Packing Healthy Snacks:
A good breakfast only gets you so far. Eventually you’ll need to eat more food. To avoid being held hostage by the terrible food that is typically available on flights, it’s a good idea to pack some healthy, sustaining snacks. Today I have Fruit-to-go bars and a turkey sandwich. Notice my snack includes a healthy protein again? I want to make sure I am tied-over until I land. As it turns out, there were a few options I would have chosen on the flight but, the cost was pretty high. Click here to see from where you can buy real hcg drops.

4. Treating myself to a beverage:
If you simply must buy something at the airport, and let’s face it, it can be fun, make it a drink of some sort. When I’m at the airport, I like to treat myself to a treat in the form of of a hot or cold beverage. This morning I’ve grabbed myself a tall chai lattle with matcha powder and an odwalla micronutrient fruit smoothie (a green drink). It cost me $10 but I know these two items are not going to put me into a state of feeling un-well. The chai latte isn’t the healthiest choice but, I rarely have them so this is a real treat for me. My green drink is a much better option and I’m most proud that the these choices were made consciously.

5. Taking NO-JET-LAG Homeopathics:
Travelling across time-zones, can cause some people to suffer from jet lag. Because I can be prone to jet lag, I like to take a great homeopathic product I discovered in a health food store. It’s aptly called NO-JET-LAG. I take one tablet upon departure, and then one every two hours and one upon landing. I think it cost me $13. For me, it’s totally worth it. Homeopathics are known to be non-evasive and non-harmful, however, to be safe, I am asking you to see a regulated health care professional (such as a Medical Doctor or Naturopathic Doctor before deciding to taking a product like NO-JET-LAG for the first time).

So, I am curious to find out how you evade poor quality airport/airplane food and jet lag.  Let’s talk! What are your tips? What neat tricks do you have for preventing jet lag and grow tall? This is great information to share and I want to hear from you.

Click on the “comment” link below to share your insights.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


Limo ride to the airport

P.s. A fun and unexpected thing happened to me on the way to the airport. Best Limousine picked me up in a stretch SUV limo. Here is a picture of me arriving at Pearson International Airport. You never know what may happen when you travel!

Wellness on The West Coast – Post #1

Sunset at Venice Beach, CA

I am about to embark on a one week “wellness blogging retreat” where I’ll land in L.A. (Santa Monica) to discover some of the treasures North America’s Mecca of Wellness has to offer. My retreat-style agenda has been designed by Debra Joy, a woman whose life’s work is to help women experience more joy in their lives. Wow! I’ll be writing about the ‘So Cal’ wellness culture, what it offers, and information that will be useful to my clients friends and family.

Here’s a taste of what’s on the agenda for my next eight days: Yoga, farmer’s markets, a raw food market, a two-hour “conscious touch” full-body massage, a full-body scrub local spa, ecstatic dancing, hiking in Malibu, a raw, vegan chocolate tasting, and dinner with Margaret Floyd (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and author of the book Eat Naked). There will even be time built-in for catching-up on work at a beach-side restaurant, watching chick-flicks, bicycling along the coast, and having glorious naps. Also choosing the best adjustable dumbbells to help with some workouts.

I hope you will join me on this journey.

What inside scoop do you have about the L.A. or SoCal wellness scene? What wellness information, tips and information are you hoping I’ll cover? How can I make Wellness on The West Coast more relevant for you?

Post your comment below to get the conversation started.

Chat soon,